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please see the order page to place a commission

fullbody illustrations

small pagedoll, extremely complex characters may be simplified

Experimental—PWYW, $12 minimum
A stylistic experiment! Complexity of final piece is based on an hourly rate, and scales upwards

Colored Sketch—$15
Clean sketch with flat colors, with a simple gradient or transparent background, +8 for additional characters

Lined, shaded fullbody with a simple gradient or transparent background, +5 for complex accessories, +10 for additional characters

Basic Masterlist Commission—$25
Minimal shading & highlighting, or none if requested, +5 for complex accessories, +10 for additional characters

Complex Masterlist Commission—$40+
Mirrored reference with accessories/details on one side; price scales depending on number and complexity of accessories

Painted Fullbody—$50
Painted fullbody with a simple gradient or transparent background version

Character Design—$40+
Custom character design with your choice of single image or mirrored with accessories, price scales with complexity

other illustrations

witch hat—$8
offer me a character of your choice and I will make a witch hat for them based on their design and personality

Background Tile—$15
Basic tiling background with no characters (flowers, vines, etc)

Character Tile—$30
Tiling background featuring one character image plus accessories

Complex Character Tile—$40+
Tiling background featuring multiple characters or one character in multiple poses

painted bust—$40
painted bust with a detailed or gradient background

Lined or painted scene with two characters and a detailed background. +20 for each additional character

Terms of Service


  • all sales are paid upfront in USD via Paypal invoice; by commissioning me you agree that you are of the legal age required to use Paypal's services

  • payments must be made within 48 hours unless other arrangements have been made

  • no refunds will be issued

  • payment plans are available on a case-by-case basis; please send me a note to discuss terms

  • typically includes a 25% nonrefundable deposit, with the rest being due within 30 calendar days after the first payment

  • if the payment plan is not completed within the allotted time, everything except the deposit will be refunded and the plan will be cancelled



  • by commissioning me you are purchasing my labor only

  • i retain all rights to my work, including but not limited to the rights to distribute, reproduce or use the works for advertising and self promotion but if you wish for your commission to be kept private, please let me know!

  • you may use your commission for any personal use, including re-uploading the art with credit when possible

  • you may not claim the art as your own, edit, or change the piece in any way

  • you may not resell the commission directly (see "adoptables" if the commission is of an original character or closed species)

Commercial Usage

  • you may not use the commission for any commercial purposes

  • if you wish to use the art for commercial reasons, I must be notified in advance. if that's not possible (for instance, you commission me and then decide you wish to use the art for commercial reasons later), I must be notified in advance and we can discuss the commercial usage thereof

  • i reserve the right to approve or decline commercial usage at any time, unless permission is obtained before the commission has begun


  • i reserve the right to decline any commission, at any time, for any reason - if the declination is based on theme or topic, i will let you know, and we can choose a different theme or topic

  • i choose not to accept any commissions that involve explicit sexual themes, violence, or abuse, but nudity is acceptable


  • you may gift, trade, and re-sell any designs purchased from me, at any price

  • you're free to make any changes or edits to the design after purchase if you'd like, but please do not edit the original artwork

  • if a commission piece is of an original character or closed species, you may include it in the selling price of the character at your own discretion


Before commissioning, please read my Terms of Service thoroughly!

You can request commissions through one of the following;

discord dm: emmy#3928
deviantART note: ellusively
twitter DM: ellusively

Please include the following information, where applicable:

Email for PayPal invoice
Commission type(s)